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Dokuz Eylül University (Turkish: Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi) (DEÜ) is a university in Turkey. It is located in İzmir, Turkey. It was founded in 1982 and is organized in 15 faculties. DEU is the first university which applied the problem-based learning method in Turkey, beginning in the School of Medicine in 1997.

Several components of Dokuz Eylül University have attained a goal of continuous development in education, research and practice through the ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System certificate: Social Sciences Institute and School of Maritime Business and Management (2001), University Presidency (2003) and Medical Faculty and Health Sciences Institute (2004).







Dokuz Eylul University was established on 20 July 1982 as a state university, aiming to contribute to social development by bringing the brain power that it has trained and will train in a wide range of educational institutions, from health to economy, from art to engineering.


Dokuz Eylul University today; all over Izmir; With 10 Institutes, 17 Faculties, 3 Schools, 1 Conservatory, 6 Vocational Schools, 1 Application and Research Hospital and 50 Application and Research Centres, it continues its scientific research and higher education mission with an understanding of quality social service.

As of the 2020-2021 Academic Year, a total of 66,360 students are studying. Among them are 1,743 international students from 107 countries. Again, as of 2021, 3,215 academic and 5,154 administrative staff work at our university.

Dokuz Eylül University

Address: Alsancak, No: 144 35210, Cumhuriyet Blv, 35220 Konak

Tel: +90 232 412 12 12

Fax: +90 232 464 81 35

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