Türkiye'de okuyan uluslararası öğrenciler için burs programları oldukça geniştir. İşte Türkiye'de 2022'de mevcut olan bursların listesi:

Studying in Turkey is getting increasingly popular among students across the world. There are several reasons for this. Turkey has a beautiful geography right in the middle of Asia and Europe. Living and tuition costs are relatively low compared to many European countries. Most importantly, it is relatively easier to study in Turkey for higher education at a lower cost.

Turkey has about a 50% schooling rate in higher education which makes it one of the countries with the highest ranking in the world in accessing higher education. With at least one university in each city, the country is quite student-friendly. 

What opportunities does studying in Turkey offer?

Turkey implements the Bologna Process strictly, so the country’s Bologna report is 5/5. Thus, a diploma acquired from a Turkish university is recognized throughout Europe. Also, Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the Erasmus + exchange program. Hundreds of global exchange students study in Turkey every year, the country offers a safe and peaceful environment in addition to many educational opportunities such as scholarships, language learning, modern technological campuses and access to cultural heritage.

What are the scholarship opportunities like?

In addition to low living and tuition costs, studying in Turkey offers numerous scholarship programs for international students. There are scholarships provided by the Republic of Turkey, scholarships provided by incoming students’ own states, scholarships offered by various national and international institutions and organizations, and scholarships of universities. The opportunities and amounts offered by the scholarship varies depending on the institution, the program, and the level of education of international students. Some of these scholarship programs even cover the cost of transportation from the incoming students’ country to Turkey. 

Here is detailed information about scholarship programs:


How is the quality and variety of educational programs?

There are 208 universities in Turkey for a population of 84 million people. The student population is about 8 million people. Nearly 60,000 programs are offered across various institutions. Turkey has plenty of universities to choose from, each offering English-taught programmes for international students. With this much variety, there are many universities that have a great reputation and a high success rank if you want to study in Turkey. Here is a list of some of the most successful and internationally popular ones:

  • Middle East Technical University
  • Bogazici University
  • İstanbul University
  • Sabancı University
  • Beykent University
  • Bilkent University
  • TED University
  • Dogus University
  • Beykoz University
  • Koc University
  • Ozyegin University
  • Kadir Has University

There are several programs in Turkish universities in English. However, as an additional bonus,  you can also learn Turkish, the 5th most spoken language in the world! Students can learn a new language in Turkish courses, and be friends with people from many different cultures.

You can apply online to the programs of universities by clicking here.