About the University

Our university has 10 faculties including Education, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Agriculture, Theology, Veterinary Medicine, Fine Arts and Design, Health Sciences and Medicine; 3  colleges including School of Physical Education and Sports, Foreign Languages and Tourism Management and Hotel Management ; and 4 institutes including Institute of Science, Social Sciences, Living Languages and Health Sciences ; There are 6 vocational schools including Social Sciences, Technical Sciences, Health Services, Kurtalan, Eruh and Design Vocational Schools.

In the process of globalisation, Siirt University aims to be a leader University that contributes to economic and politic developments in the region through its inter-disciplinary and academic activities, and projects.







  • 4 Institutes
  • 10 Faculties
  • 3 colleges
  • 6 Vocational Schools
  • 19 Research and Application Center
  • 38 Student clubs
  • Medical Center
  • Sports Center
  • Library
  • Students Exchange and Mobility Program

Address: Yeni, Güres Cd., 56100 Siirt Merkez/Siirt

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