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Kırşehir Ahi Evran University was established in 2006. The university is one of Turkey’s innovative universities and aims to graduate individuals with high awareness with its high-quality education. Kırşehir Ahi Evran University is a university that attaches importance to scientific, artistic, sports, and cultural activities. In this context, the university administration believes that the biggest investment should be made to people. Ahi Evran, who gave his name to the university, applied moral and social rules to the economy, revitalized the economy by providing solidarity in this way, and established the Ahi Organization (Turkish historical chamber of merchants and craftsmen) based on these principles and spread it all over Anatolia. The organization organizes working life based on good human qualities. Ahi Organization is a mixture of art, commerce, and profession intertwined with mature personality, morality, and righteousness. Ahi is a mature, moral, compassionate, benevolent, honest, and reliable person in every business and behaviour. The purpose of today’s modern university is to educate students who have adopted these principles, internalized them, and can apply them in their business and private lives.

At Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, there are 8 faculties (Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Neşet Ertaş Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture), 3 institutes ( Institute of Science, Institute of Health Sciences and Institute of Social Sciences), 5 colleges, 7 vocational schools, and 16 research and application centres. The university has 20,500 students, 700 academic staff, and 6 campuses.

Located in central Turkey, Kırşehir has a deep-rooted history and is an important centre that is close to Turkey’s capital Ankara and the cities of Konya and Kayseri. Kırşehir has hosted many civilizations and has a rich historical heritage, underground cities, and thermal resources. Kırşehir is easy to travel from anywhere in Turkey. Kırşehir is also close to Cappadocia, a world-famous tourist area. The closest airport is Cappadocia Airport, 60 km away. Also, Kırşehir is close to Ankara and Kayseri Airports. For these reasons, Kırşehir has a convenient location in terms of transportation due to its geographical location.

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University promises a happy student life with its historical texture, cultural activities, sports activities, and central location. The central campus, within walking distance of the city, is an important element for the success of the students by offering the ideal study environment with its calmness.






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  • Kırşehir Ahi Evran University is a developing public university with 20,000 students including foreign students.
  • Kırşehir Ahi Evran University maintains the moral and social principles of the Ahi Organization (Turkish historical chamber of merchants and craftsmen) within the cooperation with university-industry.
  • Kırşehir Ahi Evran University is a productive and pioneering university in education, with hundreds of articles published in the academic field.
  • Kırşehir Ahi Evran University was chosen as the fourth-best university established after 2006 in Turkey by the University Research Laboratory (UNIAR).
  • Kırşehir Ahi Evran University has the advantage of a central location in Turkey with the surrounding cities, holiday spots, and tourist attractions (such as Cappadocia).
  • Through the students from 26 countries, the university has added an international identity to its national identity.
  • Kırşehir Ahi Evran University has ranked among the top 5 in the mission differentiation project and was chosen as the pilot university in the field of “Agriculture and Geothermal”.
  • It is a university that meets all the basic elements that a student may need with its accommodation and nutrition opportunities.
  • In Kırşehir, accommodation opportunities are offered to 9500 students in dormitories.
  • 72 Bachelor, 56 Master, 23 PhD Programs
  • 100% and 30% foreign language education in many departments
  • 6 campuses that offer many opportunities for students
  • Student clubs
  • Outdoor and indoor sports fields and arenas, walking paths, recreation areas, stadium, leisure centre, and student wellness centre
  • Cafeteria

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University 
Address: Bağbaşı Mah. Sahir Kurutluoğlu Cad. No: 100 Merkez (Bağbaşı) Campus MERKEZ/KIRŞEHİR/TURKEY
Tel: +90 386 280 42 00

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