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İzmir Kavram Vocational School has been operating in order to fulfill the existing opening in the field of vocational education in Turkey, meet the need for qualified intermediate staff and enable transition to further stages of higher education. The campus is located in Konak in the center of Izmir. The young and dynamic academic staff provides education to students with daytime and evening education programs in spacious classes, computer labs, design labs and medical labs which are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.

The medium of instruction is Turkish.

Available laboratories, workshops and studios  can be listed as follows:

  1. Computer Laboratories (1 MAC Lab, 2 PC Labs)
  2. Drawing Workshop
  3. Dental Prosthesis Laboratory
  4. Medical Laboratory
  5. Operating Room Laboratory
  6. Physiotherapy Laboratory
  7. Radio TV Studio
  8. Machinery Laboratory
  9. Cooking Application Cuisine
  10. Oral and Dental Health Laboratory
  11. First Emergency Aid Laboratory
  12. Optician’s Laboratory

There is also a conference room available for social events such as theater plays, exhibitions, as well as academic events such as conferences, seminars and symposiums with up-to-date technological infrastructure.






Non Degree


Following the knowledge and developing technologies closely and reflect them to our students through educational programs.

.Being Learning-oriented

Ensuring that our students are willing to learn by revealing the need for learning.


Providing education by considering the needs and expectations of the society, the region and especially employers.

.Continuous Improvement

Striving and seeking to go further in education programs and general management.


To assure the business processes of education and corporate management by carrying out them in accordance with the quality standards.

.Social responsibility

Providing our students the opportunity of education, practice and social responsibility in order for them to do their future jobs in a way that they take society’s needs and expectations into account when they graduate.


Providing an educational environment for our students where they can gain insight about and sensitivity towards nature, history and cultural values as well as disadvantaged groups and show this sensitivity in the performance of their professions.

-35 Programs

-36 Student Clubs

Oğuzlar Mah. 1251/2 Sok. No:8

35320 Konak/İzmir

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