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Istanbul Kültür University that is a foundation university established by Law No. 4281 adopted on July 9, 1997 in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is a university established by the Kultur College Education Foundation (KEV), and subject to the provisions of the Law No. 2547 on foundation higher education institutions it has a public legal personality. State of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation’s achieving the constant goal in the way of “exceeding the level of modern civilization” can only be achieved by providing the youth a qualified education at any stage. That’s why, in this context, the main purpose of Istanbul Kültür University is to provide high quality education.

On the highways of E5 and TEM, IKU serves on four separate campuses on a total area of 127966 square meters that 70216 m2 of them is closed and 57.750 m2 is open area. As all the campuses of Istanbul Kültür University are located at the intersection of rail system transportation to land, air and sea transportation, it is easily accessible, and it is a city university in terms of dense population in its vicinity.

Our university has such a strong academic staff that they are experienced and prominent in their fields. Since the beginning of education and training, İstanbul Kültür University has carried out important studies to improve the quality processes in education.

Istanbul Kültür University educates students at the associate, undergraduate and graduate levels who are familiar with contemporary technologies, equipped with the knowledge and experience that can meet the needs in the fields of production, application and management, who can work in the international business world, with a professional ethics philosophy, teamwork skills and entrepreneurial spirit. 







Istanbul Kultur University is one of the most popular Turkish universities for international students.

  • 3.800 Students
  • 114+ International Students
  • 60 Programmes
  • There are students from 20 different countries.
  • 3+1, 7+1 Internship Enriched Curriculum Framework
  • Student Centred Education and Training
  • Strong Academic Infrastructure
  • Internationally Recognized Quality Assurance
  • Competency Development Programme
  • Comprehensive Personal Development Programmes and Activities
  • Academic Counselling and Career Planning
  • Success Follow-Up System
  • Certificate of Competency Development
  • Euro pass Documents and Certificates
  • Alumni Follow-Up and Support System
  • Life-long Learning Support
  • Education Closely Linked with the Business World
  • Participation of Students in Research Projects
  • Well-equipped Laboratories and Workshops
  • Multinational Multicultural Campus and Classroom Environment

– 86 Student Clubs

– Sports Opportunities: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Tennis, Chess, Rugby, Swimming

– English Education Programs

– Turkish Education Programs

– Central Location

– City Campuses

Address: Vatan Caddesi No:69, 34805 Beykoz Istanbul Turkey

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