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FINAL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (FIU) was founded in 2015 in the Kyrenia district of North Cyprus as a partnership between Final Education Institutions, a premier educational brand in Turkey, and the DMG-Akgünler Group, a leading operator in the tourism sector in North Cyprus. 

Final has been providing educational services for over 42 years. With its 600+ educational institutions, it has raised students at every level from kindergarten to high school. Until now, over four million young people have fulfilled their dreams through education at Final institutions. Final employs 21 thousand personnel and is also one of Turkey’s most active book and magazine publishers. With the establishment of Final International University in 2015, Final made its entrance into the higher education sector.

Our mission is to educate our students to be creative, open-minded, and adaptable. Our programs develop subject expertise along with excellent communication skills and technological mastery, preparing our students to become both strong team leaders and strong team players. In our engagement with the community, and with our partners, we provide the real-life experiences and practical skills that transform academic success into career opportunities.







At FIU, we offer:

  • Quality education at an affordable cost.
  • An education that is career-centred and skill-orientated from the outset and includes intensive internship and work preparation programs.
  • A multicultural learning environment tailored to enable students to share experiences and friendships with fellow students from all around the world.
  • A safe, secure, and hospitable environment for study in one of the most beautiful parts of the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • A student-centred environment with high standards of care and attention and a low staff-student ratio.
  • Opportunities to gain further international qualifications and participate in exchange programs.
  • 85% international student profile.
  • 70+ student nationality.
  • unmatched scholarship opportunities.
  • 10+ faculties.
Address: Final International University İFU Eğitim Kurumları Limited Beşparmaklar Avenue, No:6, 99370, Catalkoy, Kyrenia via Mersin 10 Turkey, TRNC

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