The abolition of the obligation to apply the Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) provides the opportunity for international students to enrol in many universities without an entrance exam.

Taking its place among the most preferred universities with the education quality it offers, Turkish universities are among the primary preferences of international students with the privilege of registration without examination. Turkish universities, which are in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and thus have similar practices with European Union universities, have opened the doors of higher education to many international students with their international recognition and accreditation.

Candidates who do not want to go through a school process in their country where there is a stressful and intense exam marathon can continue to the department they want without an exam in Turkey. Turkish Universities have recently become a favourite of international students, both with easy enrolment and very affordable tuition fees and living costs. Turkey, which has a long history of higher education and a very convenient geographical location, attaches great importance to the inclusion of international students and academics in the system.

As a result of its values ​​and culture, Turkey offers a comfortable education and life opportunity to students with a libertarian and egalitarian approach that does not distinguish foreign students from others.

A combination of exam-free education and affordable tuition fees and cost of living alternatives are in Study Portal Turkey platform, which was created as a national higher education guide in Turkey. International students can easily access all kinds of information about the higher education system and opportunities in Turkey and can easily apply to the university and program they want.

Study Portal Turkey offers free consultancy services to international students for applications to private foundation universities which are exhibited there as partner universities.