Lokasyon: İstanbul / Seviye: Hazırlık / Süre: 1 Yıl / Öğretim Dili: İngilizce / Öğrenim Türü: Tam Zamanlı, Örgün / Öğrenim Ücreti: 2.600 ABD Doları / İndirimli Ücret: 1.690 ABD Doları

The School of Foreign Languages (Beykoz-SFL) supports students of the English Preparatory Program in order to develop their foreign language knowledge and skills, which will be required by the students who have accepted in undergraduate and graduate programmes of Beykoz University.

English Preparatory Programme:
Module 1: about 16 weeks- Fall Semester,
Module 2: about 16 weeks- Spring Semester and
Module 3: about 7 weeks- Summer Education

Students with an average score of 65 and above, depending on the weight of the exams given in a module, are considered successful in that module and they are entitled to take a higher level course from the level they last studied.

In the English Preparatory Program, education is carried out at A1 (beginner), A2 (pre-intermediate), B1 (intermediate), B1 + (intermediate +) levels.


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