Lokasyon : İstanbul / Seviye: Lisans / Süre: 4 Yıl / Öğretim Dili: Türkçe / Öğrenim Türü: Tam Zamanlı, Örgün / Öğrenim Ücreti: 6.00ABD Doları İndirimli Ücret: 3.600 ABD Doları

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design covers the design and production of the built environment. It includes the designing of furniture, lighting, textile and other accessories to provide comfortable, time-saving, original, functional and aesthetic solutions.

There is a great need for creative designers and practitioners who are equipped with the knowledge, skill and abilities to develop projects that are applicable across a wide spectrum, from individual furniture to multiple product systems.

The Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Programme at Fenerbahçe University aims to raise interior architects and environmental designers with advanced technical skills to establish comfortable, functional and aesthetic interior spaces, who are able to follow the latest developments and produce economic and contemporary solutions.

The programme offers a mixture of problem-based learning, design studio tutoring, workshops and traditional teaching. Workshops and design courses focus on practical and theoretical skills, seminars and trips enrich the students’ intellectual sphere and their sense of aesthetics.

The graduates can pursue careers in multi-disciplinary architectural design practices, commercial and retail practices, brand consultancies and film studios in roles such as: interior designer, model maker, visual merchandiser, computer visualizer, film studio props designer

The Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor Degree Programme Graduates; will be equipped with the technical skills and have an understanding of the rigours and ethics of professional practice.

The graduates will have knowledge of the history and theory of interior architecture and design. They will know the impact of materials, technology, structures and form.

The graduates will be knowledgeable in the design and rehabilitation of buildings, the technical aspects of construction and the latest techniques for designing structures. They will have the skills to adapt existing buildings for new purposes and create new spaces.

The graduates will be knowledgeable in business enterprise for design and regulatory frameworks. They will possess interdisciplinary adaptability and coordination and have the competencies to produce creative, innovative and applicable solutions.


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