Turkey Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Education Economy Business Council President Prof. Dr. İrfan Gündüz made evaluations about the increasing flow of foreign students after the epidemic. DEİK has been operating since 2011 with the participation of 40 member universities. Gündüz, stating that the whole world is experiencing a devastating epidemic together, said, “However, Turkey managed this epidemic in the best way, it has become a country that is pointed out.

We need to manage this position and this perception well.” Stating that Turkey is in the position of a bridge at the very centre of the world with its strategic importance, geographical location, economic size, population and entrepreneurial spirit, Gündüz said, “From now on, we will enter a period that is divided into two as pre-epidemic and post-epidemic, and nothing will be the same as before.”

Expressing that Turkey’s advantage in costs compared to European and Western countries and its success in health are an important attraction factor, Gündüz said, “DEİK’s aim is commercial diplomacy, and the Education Economy Business Council’s aim is higher education diplomacy. Also, coordination and cooperation between public institutions and organizations is important. It is among our aims to make Turkey a centre of attraction for international students by providing cooperation and to solve the problems that international students face.” he said.

“Turkey has started to be among the countries that host the most international students” Gündüz pointed out that Turkey, which has increased the number of foreign students studying at universities to 250 thousand with a record increase from 48 thousand in the last 5 years, has started to be among the countries that host the most international students. He stated that Turkey aims to increase the number of international students hosted by it to 300,000 by 2023.