Location: Istanbul / Level: Associate / Duration: 2 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 3.000 / Discounted Fee: USD 1.500

Information security is the processes and tools designed to protect sensitive information from invasion. Today more and more information is processed, stored, transported and archived in digital media.

The aim of the Information Security Technology Programme at Beykoz University is to educate qualified and well-equipped professionals who can use current software languages and respond with theoretical and practical skills to the needs of institutions and organizations who need the right workforce to use the right technologies in the right way, in order to profit, provide added value, create competition and provide corporate sustainability.

Students who graduate from this programme will find employment at processing centres and software firms. They will be able to work as system security specialist, computing specialist, system support specialist, system and network consultant or programmer.

The Technology of Information Security Associate Degree Programme Graduates; will be equipped and competent in the field of information security technology and have 21st-century competencies in line with the expectations of the sector.

The graduates will be able to produce algorithmic thinking, analytical methods and solutions by using new generation cyber security tools and software and they will be knowledgeable in the cyber security risk management systems.

The graduates will be equipped with knowledge of the corporate cyber security rules and guidelines, information security procedures, non-technological tools and methods against cyber-attack.

The graduates will know the national and international legislation and regulations related to the field of Information Security Technology and have the skills to identify and prevent any exploitation of hardware. They will be able to identify and prevent any abuse that may occur in software components or in local area networks.


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