Türkiye'de üniversite okumak uluslararası öğrenciler için cazip olabilir. Ankara, ekonomik konumu ve eğitim fırsatları ile etkileyicidir.

Studying in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, can be appealing for international students. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and impresses with several universities, sights and is an important economic location. The size of a city can make a big difference on your study experience.

According to UNIRANKS, here is the top three:


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Studying in Turkey: Universities

1: Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University (in Turkish, Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, ODTÜ) is a public technical university. The university emphasizes research and education in engineering and natural sciences, offering about 41 undergraduate programs within 5 faculties, 105 masters and 70 doctorate programs within 5 graduate schools.

Middle East Technical University was founded in 1956, to contribute to the development of Turkey and the surrounding countries of the Middle East, Balkans, and Caucasus, by creating a skilled workforce in the natural and social sciences.

The main campus of METU spans an area of 11,100 acres. In addition to that, it covers aa forest area of 7,500 acres and the natural Lake Eymir; which can be considered an uncommon privilege for studying in Ankara, Turkey. The student life at METU is marked with activities of student societies, frequent political protests, and festivals.

Over one third of the 1,000 highest scoring students in the national university entrance examination choose to enroll in METU; yet most of its departments accept the top 0.1% of the nearly 3 million applicants.

2: Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University is a leading state university in Ankara, Turkey. It opened in 1967. URAP ranked it first among the Turkish universities in 2021.

The university has two main campuses. The first campus is in the old town of Ankara and hosts the Medical Centre, and the second one, Beytepe Campus is 13 km from the city centre.

The Beytepe Campus covers 6,000,000 m2 (600 ha; 1,483 acres) of green land and woodland, and hosts the faculties of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Law, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Science. In addition to these two main campuses, the School of Social Work is at Keçiören, and the Turkish State Conservatory in Ankara is at the Beşevler Campus.

At Hacettepe University, you can join various student communities (clubs) that will enrich your life. You can organize various activities in the fields of your interest, take responsibility, take part in cultural and artistic activities; in result, improve yourself.

3: Ankara University

Ankara University is a public university. It was the first higher education institution in Turkey after the formation of the republic in 1923

The university has 40 vocational programs, consisting120 undergraduate programs and 110 graduate programs.

Ankara University is a big educational institution with more than 68 thousand students. The university accepts both local and foreign students. At AU, there are about 5% of foreigners. More than 3 thousand teachers work in the university. Moreover, the university participates in a variety of international exchange programs between students and academic staff.