Türkiye'de burslu okumak çok avantajlı. Doğuş Üniversitesi, kuruluşunun 25. yılında uluslararası öğrencilerilere %50 burslu eğitim sağlayacak

In Turkey, international students can apply for a wide range of scholarships. Doğuş University, recently made an important announcement. The instutiton is celebrating its 25th anniversary of foundation. To celebrate, they accept international students with 50% scholarship on tuition fees. Here is what you need to know about the university:

History of Doğuş University:

Doğuş University, opened in 1995, is a foundation university with a public entity.

From 1997 to the present day, Dogus University has provided and will always continue to provide quality education. DU does that through its distinguished academic staff, cultivation of equipped students and its valuable contributions to the science world. 

Life at Doğuş University

DU is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, exactly in the Kadıköy region. That is an area that has become home to a wide range of attractions. Moreover, DU has a campus in Üsküdar, famous for its sea views and tourist facilities, making access to the university much easier.

Although there are no on-campus dormitories in DU, the university partners with private dorm owners to provide students a comfortable and affordable accommodation.

The foreign student affairs are in charge of accommodation matters and would support students to secure accommodation space off campuses. Students should let the office know of their intention to secure a private dorm space.

Academic Proficiency of Doğuş University

The importance given to the quality in education ensures Doğuş University to increase its success. As the two important examples, Web of Science data and URAP reports show that Doğuş University is ranked among the best 2000 universities in the world. The graduates of DU continuing their careers abroad and succeeding are seen as the result.

DU has twenty programmes in the faculties of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Arts and Design, together with nine associate degree programs in the School of Advanced Vocational Studies. Additionally, there are eight post graduate education programs in the Institute of Social Sciences and three in the Institute of Science and Technology. 

Also with its rapid academic progress has gained a successful place in higher education in a short time. It has 31 undergraduate programs in five faculties, 18 associate degree programs in the vocational school, 17 graduate programs and 7 doctorate programs in two institutes.