Türkiye'de burslu okumak uluslararası öğrenciler için avanajlı. Beykent Üniversitesi uluslararası öğrenciler için %50 indirim duyurusu yaptı.

Studying in Turkey offers many scholarship programs for both Turkish and international students.

Recently, Beykent University made an important announcement for international students seeking to study in Turkey. In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its establishment, the university is currently accepting international students with 50% scholarship. Here is what you need to know about the university:

History of Beykent University

Beykent University is a foundation university having the public legal entity status which was founded by Adem Çelik – Beykent Educational Foundation on 09.07.1997 under the Law No. 4282.

Believing that education is the only solution for the unsolved problems of the increasingly growing and developing modern Turkey, the founder Adem Çelik has taken initiatives in the field of education with the ideal of “serving the community”, and created a chain of education from kindergarten to primary and high school followed by Beykent University.

The university, which began its educational journey on Büyükçekmece Campus in the Academic Year 1997 – 1998, offers education on four highly equipped campuses located in central districts of İstanbul.

Life at Beykent University

Beykent University campuses are in different parts of Istanbul. All campuses are in the middle of the city’s social and cultural opportunities.

There are public transportation alternatives to access campuses.

Established within the university, around 80 student clubs carry out many artistic, sportive, and cultural activities.

Academic Proficiency of Beykent University

Beykent University was among the top 500 in the world for its research and innovation activities.


Istanbul Beykent University, gives its students diplomas that are valid and have a strong impact on the European Union.

The university, with the Erasmus Plus and Mevlana exchange programs, ensures that students get to know the world.

Thanks to the cooperation agreements with the leading companies of the sector, comprehensive internship opportunities are accesible.

Beykent University has achieved global success with its sports activities. The university, which has won degrees in the European Universities Championship, is an institution where students can take firm steps in their sports life.