Университет Бейкоз / Внешняя торговля / Степень: Младший специалист / Продолжительность: 2 года / Язык обучения: Турецкий / Форма обучения: Полная академическая нагрузка, дистанционное обучение / Стоимость обучения: 2.250 долларов США / льготный сбор: 1.800 долларов США

As Turkey is incessantly rising among other nations concerning production, economic growth and exports, the need for employees knowledgeable in international trade and its regulations is rising daily.

The Foreign Trade Programme at Beykoz University is designed to care for the needs of the sector in this regard and aims to educate students who will be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge that is relevant in external trade and the international sphere.

The students will be educated in topics like international trade, financing of external trade, export-import regulations and international marketing as well as more general aptitudes of the management field.

The aim of the programme is to train foreign trade specialists able to conduct and follow differentiating in international trade activities and business processes.

The students are expected to grasp all necessary rules and regulations of international trade, to follow the workflow of the enterprises about customs and foreign trade, to have the required knowledge about the international economic, political, cultural, social, legal and financial conjuncture, to manage logistics operations, to use the technology efficiently and to develop strategies about their own fields.

The Foreign Trade Associate Degree Programme Graduates; will be be equipped and competent in the field of customs legislation and foreign trade transactions.

The graduates will be able to manage logistics operations, they will be able to prepare the international trade business plans.

The graduates will have basic, theoretical and practical information about foreign trade operations, and theoretical and practical knowledge of international trade and international economics. They will know the basic functions and principles of foreign trade, delivery and payment methods used in foreign trade.

The graduates will have the knowledge and skills to use administrative information required by international trade, logistics and customs operations. They will be knowledgeable in the application principles of customs clearance procedures and the document preparation processes.

The graduates will have basic, theoretical, practical and up-to-date information in the field of business management and they will have knowledge of e-commerce, marketing and direct sales processes, and processes of international marketing.


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