Location: Bolu / Level: PhD / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 1000 / TOMER Fee: USD 500  

Chemistry can be defined as the science of change. By examining the basic properties of substances and their transformation into other substances, the chemist finds solutions to important scientific problems and contributes to the development of new technologies. The discovery of new life-saving drugs, new products offered for the benefit of consumers, qualitative and quantitative analysis of many samples are some of the results of the work of chemists.

With the education given in our department, the basic concepts, main applications and intersections of the science of “Chemistry”, which is one of the most basic elements of modern science, are presented in the most detailed way. Our department, which continues its undergraduate and graduate education and research activities with its dynamic academic staff, offers a chemistry undergraduate program with English language of instruction. Our students can take part in research studies in the field of chemistry they are interested in starting from the first year, and especially those who want to be researchers are trained in this way, being prepared for graduate and doctorate programs.

As of today, our faculty members are conducting 13 BAP-supported and 4 TUBITAK-supported projects in the fields of organic, analytical, physico, inorganic, polymer chemistry and biochemistry. Information on the research topics of the faculty members can be accessed from the YÖKSİS database.


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