Location: İstanbul / Level: PhD / Duration: 3-6 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 40.000

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary science that analyzes the interaction of millions of neurons, glial and other supporting cells. Final goal of the neuroscience is how do these cells give rise to behavior at the organizational level.

Modern studies of the nervous system have been ongoing since the middle of the 19th century. Neuroanatomists studied shape of brain, its cellular structure and its circuitry; neurochemists studied the chemical composition of brain, its lipids and proteins; neurophysiologists studied the bioelectric properties of brain; and psychologists and neuropsychologists investigated the organization and neural substrates of behavior and cognition. The rise in the frequency of neurodegenerative disorders like multiple sclerosis, parkinson, neuro-developmental disorders like autism, intellectual disability disorders and brain cancers has directed us to be more focused on neurobiology of such diseases, to achieve early diagnosis and targeted therapy strategies. Complex molecular nature and aberrant cellular activities seen in neurological disorders require the interaction of different science fields to better understand underlying mechanisms. Therefore master and Ph.D programs in neuroscience at the BAU offers an interdisciplinary approach for the answers of many complex questions.

The goal of Neuroscience Program is to constitute a productive environment, supported by many specialized lectures and laboratory actions. In the first year, students will attend molecular neuroscience, neurobiology, neurological disorders, computational neuroscience and neuroanatomy courses. In the second year of the program, students will attend to wide range of laboratory sections in order to improve their laboratory and technical skills. In following years, students have to complete their thesis study with their supervisors.

The target of the neuroscience program is to educate well equipped neuroscientist in terms of theoretical, computational and experimental background. Most importantly, students will be trained in how to think, and how to develop new scientific approaches and methodologies to solve the complex puzzle of the brain which requires creativity and originality.


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