Location: İstanbul / Level: PhD / Duration: 3-6 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 40.000

Management Engineering program is predominantly designed to provide skills to participants for exploring and explaining the problems and obstacles that arise while applying the managerial functions to the environments where engineering and technical tasks are applied. Moreover, participants are expected to show skills and ability to come up with solutions and methods that could be applied to specific problems.

As a secondary goal, Management Engineering program seeks to educate individuals in order to become graduates much needed by the industry that are capable of tackling the problems of the various fields of the industry and demanded by companies which more than thousand of them are currently active participants of our COOP program.

The strength of our program lies in its interdisciplinary structure and the interdisciplinary structure of the underlying field of Management Engineering. Such a structure would enhance the participants to study the issues of business world from different perspectives including but not limited to engineering, management, finance, H&R.

Program participants may choose any sub-specialization area as their career plans or they can follow the sub-specialization areas in Decision-Making, Project and Risk Management, and Quality Management that are defined under the terms of todays conditions. Graduates are not only getting the Master of Science degree, but also they are able to have quality and industrial standards certificates like ISO 9000, ISO TS 16949, and ISO 22000. Participants must choose at least four courses within restricted course pool. Project course is a must for every participant. Remaining credits can be completed with restricted electives, technical electives or non-departmental elective courses. Students may register maximum two courses from other programs. Students may register these courses within Information Technology, Computer or Industrial Engineering programs, or Business programs that are covered by social sciences institute under the authorization of the program coordinators.


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