Location: İstanbul / Level: PhD / Duration: 3-6 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 40.000

Industrial Engineering (IE) is the scientific discipline that deals with the optimization of complex processes or systems. These systems may consists of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy or materials and the task of industrial engineer as a practitioner is to develop, improve, implement or evaluate such systems or processes. In order to achieve these tasks the competence set an industrial engineer should have has its roots in mathematical, physical, and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis.

The mission of the Master of Industrial Engineering Program is to provide the students with required academic qualifications in order to solve the problems of production and service businesses effectively and productively by way of contemporary methods such as mathematical modeling, system designing, management planning, and technology and information management. The aim of the program is to educate students as highly qualified industrial engineers, who have the ability to deal with industrial problems creatively at conceptual, developmental, and analysis levels as well as self-sufficient academicians who are ready to pursue higher academic degrees.

The strength of the industrial engineering masters degree program stems from its balanced mixture of mathematics, physical sciences and business applications. The engineering foundation is built on mathematical programming, probability, and statistics based courses. The program also gives the students a chance to concentrate on the areas such as Engineering Management, Financial Systems, Service Engineering, Quality, or Supply Chain Engineering. Also every student is required to prepare a thesis in one of the advanced topics, which will finalize his/her expertise. This well-balanced program consisting of a coursework (7 courses with a total of 21 credits), seminar and dissertation produces the flexibility that is highly needed in the field of industrial engineering as a result of which the graduates will have the unique opportunity to continue their careers either in manufacturing or service sectors.


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