Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 6 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 25.000
The BAU School of Medicine admits 36 international students per Academic Year. We receive about 1,000 applications a year from all over the world; therefore, admission is quite competitive with outstanding students from about 25 countries selected each year. Prospective international students are evaluated based on academic merit and motivation for medical studies. Our medical school curriculum is custom-made and one of the most challenging in the world with twice as many anatomy hours as other schools, and students take classes 5 days a week between 9am-5pm. Also, the system is such that students are graded at the end of the year for their performance during the whole year instead of on a semester basis. This means it is not possible to repeat a semester. Such a system requires the absolute best students. The Medical School International Admissions Committee strives to select hardworking students with the intellect, foundational science knowledge and perseverance to thrive in such a challenging environment. To that end, the online application form must be supplemented with an essay (detailing the student’s interests, career ambitions, personal goals, failures and lessons learned, successes, projects, passion for science, extracurricular activities, reason for choosing medicine, etc.) as well as a document certifying English language skills in addition to a full high school transcript showing excellent grades (especially in science and math related courses if not all) as well as any national or international test results to strengthen the application. Students are admitted only for the Fall Semester and evaluated on a rolling basis, so we recommend applying as early as possible to avoid having to wait a full year to re-apply. The School of Medicine does not offer scholarships for new students. The tuition is 25,000 USD per year The School of Medicine at Bahçeşehir University aims to be the best of all medical schools in the country with the master-apprentice principle that connects “good” faculty members with “good” students that demand the best with the end goal of creating greater value. The BAU School of Medicine raises physicians and scientists who; o are well equipped in terms of the principles of scientific thought, o have internalized universal ethical values, o live by the guiding principles of ‘medicine for humankind’, ‘technology for humankind’ and ‘physicians for humankind’, o know and apply scientific research methodology, o do not only possess depth in terms of scientific knowledge but also practical skills and creativity, o view the profession of being a physician as not merely a job, but as a way of life.


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