Location: Istanbul / Level: Associate / Duration: 2 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site  / Tuition Fee: USD 3.500 / Discounted Fee: USD 1.750

With the increase of technological opportunities, a rapid revolution is experienced in the development of diagnosis and treatment services in the field of health. Along with the developing technology at the stage of diagnosis of diseases, there is a need for trained qualified manpower who has skills to use the technology, on the other hand, with the knowledge and equipment in the field of health.

The rapid increase of private imaging centres as well as private and public health centres increases the interest and need for this profession. In addition to the vocational training that students receive in formal education institutions, professional staff are offered the opportunity to improve themselves through internship opportunities and vocational training courses in elite health institutions.
The program enables students to follow the rapid technological developments in the field of radiology and to be supported by education that can adapt to the use of developing digital systems.


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