Location: Istanbul / Level: Master / Duration: 1,5 Year / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site /Tuition Fee: USD 5.200 / Discounted Fee: USD 2.600

The Master’s Program in Psychology is a graduate program that offers a more advanced education in the field of psychology. The aim of the Master’s program in Psychology is to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and the latest developments in the subfields of psychology such as developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology; to help them gain skills in this field, to prepare them to apply the knowledge and skills gained, and finally, to conduct scientific research. 

Within the scope of this program, students have the opportunity to look into a subject related to any of the sub-branches of psychology they are interested in, therefore having more in-depth knowledge and as well as the necessary academic skills apart from gaining competence to conduct scientific studies and research in these fields.

Graduates of this program can work in state institutions and organizations such as schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, prisons, detention centers and private sector as expert psychologists.


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