Location: Istanbul / Level: Master / Duration: 1,5 Year / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site /Tuition Fee: USD 4.800 / Discounted Fee: USD 2.400

Work and Organizational Psychology focuses on human behaviour within organizations and work situations.

Work and Organizational Psychology Programme of Beykoz University offers students the option to specialize in areas such as the work environment, employees and work behaviour. The students will gain insight into the individual characteristics and social processes that shape work and organizations.

The programme offers students the option to specialize in subjects such as individual, individual-organization relationship and employee behaviour in working life.

The aim of the programme is to provide the students with theoretical knowledge in the field of business and organizational psychology, and includes practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge on business and organizational psychology.

Graduates of Business and Organizational Psychology Programme carry out activities such as consultancy, training and employee support programmmes in human resources departments of public, private sector and non-governmental organizations and other related departments of institutions.

The Work and Organisational Psychology Degree Programme Graduates; will have basic and theoretical knowledge required in business and organizational psychology.

The graduates will have gained an awareness about the duties and responsibilities of people working professionally in the field and an understanding of the relationship between organization and business life scientifically. They will have the skills to evaluate the different processes in this field from a systematic perspective.

The graduates will have gained the competencies for solving individual and group problems and be able to execute projects by analysing the personal and organizational needs of employees, diagnosing problems, producing appropriate models and interventions.

The graduates will be able to follow the developments in the world of business and technology and be aware of organizational culture. They will comprehend conflict and conflict resolution processes in organizations. They will be equipped with improved vision in problem solving

The graduates will have knowledge of social processes in organizations such as leadership, decision making, and change processes and they will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to analyse, solve and manage conflicts.


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