Location: Istanbul / Level: Master  / Duration: 2 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 8.000

Discipline of psychology aims to gather information regarding the facts about human beings, to develop testable theories/assumptions/predictions to interpret these data, to test these empirically and to acquire reliable, repeatable and testable information; as well as to improve individuals’ skill to ‘think critically’.

These aims constitute the main purpose of Department of Psychology, and of the relation between faculty members and students. The education in the Department has been developed in accordance with this purpose as far as possible. Hence, in Department of Psychology it’s strived to enable students to be individuals who know and research for the ways to attain knowledge, practise student-instructor interaction at high level, study in line with the investigative and creative “student centred education”, bear social responsibility and act sensitively towards social problems, internalize critical thinking; believe in, respect and protect the values of science and democracy. The Department is considered to realize itself as far as it realizes the mentioned qualifications in practice. In order to improve these qualifications, the University and the Department strives to provide an environment for scientific, cultural, artistic and social activities that will enable students to become people who are at peace with themselves, their environment, the nature and other people; who provide improving service to people and humanity by exploring the limits of their inner richness; who work to reveal their creative potential and to improve that potential as much as possible; and who maturate by continuously improving themselves.

Working Areas

Graduates of Department of Psychology receive “Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology” and assume the title of ‘psychologist’.They can work as psychologists in any field that performs, requires a service concerning human and human relations. They can work in a very broad area where service in the field of psychology is needed.

Graduates can work in institutions of Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Health; in Psychological Counseling and Guidance Centers and units; in relevant departments of public institutions; in mental health units; in human resources departments; in health and psychological counseling centers of military and security units; in educational, medical and industrial institutions as a researcher and as an expert in interpersonal relations, in developing and applying performance and attitude measurement instruments.

On the other hand, the graduates can also work as researhers and instructors in university in order to meet the academic requirements of the field of psychology.


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