Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 7.000 / Discounted Fee: USD 3.500 

Department of Industrial Engineering makes research and provides education in the areas of production and service systems that can make use of the concepts and resources of people, material, finance, knowledge, energy, competition, technology and machinery in the most qualified and economic way.

The aim of the Department is to train industrial engineers who are qualified to make analysis and planning; can set up modern management systems by means of new and sustainable technologies; can improve the decision options of the existing systems in various sectors that produce goods or services in the global competitive environment.

Industrial engineer sets up the balance between labor force and working conditions, designates product cost, calculates the demand that the product would generate and determines sale price of the product. Besides, industrial engineer takes charge in setting up the balance between processes and management. Industrial engineer serve as a bridge, because S/he is well informed about production and service, and also about managerial functions. Industrial engineer acts as a support force in decision making of the top management, by using the functions of planning, control, organization and actualisation.

In case of uncertainty, industrial engineer provides the elimination of uncertainty by using numerical and verbal methods. S/he attaches importance to human and environment interaction in solution of the problems. S/he uses operational research method to solve problems by means of numerical methods; and s/he uses simulation method to digitize and visualize problems and put the solutions into practice.

Industrial engineering is principally concerned with the system. Through education, industrial engineering students are provided with the competence to overview the system; to comprehend the system and organization in all of its parts; and to notice the errors, shortcomings and successes of the system.

Industrial engineer is an integrated system analyst, and rather than problem solving s/he adopts incident-solving which is more elaborated.Industrial engineers are influential in the development of plans about the vision, strategy, target and activities of the organizations, as s/he is influential in the determination of the organization’s philosophy, culture and mission.

Working Areas

The students of Industrial Engineering Department have opportunity to choose different branches to specialize in. The basic options for specialization can be exemplified as; Production Systems, Service Systems, Operational Research, System Engineering, Method Engineering, Quality Engineering, Finance Engineering, Management Engineering, Technology Management and Engineering, Governance Engineering, Product Engineering, Energy Engineering, Transportation Engineering.

Industrial engineers have the opportunity to work in any workplace where there’re people, incidents, problems, system or organization. One of the main working fields is productivity which is necessary and significant for people, incidents, problems, systems and organizations. In the field of productivity, practices to make the system better are developed and applied. Therefore, industrial engineering is a profession that will continue to exist and be beneficial. Industrial engineers can work in the fields of all kinds of production and service in public or private sector, as well as they can be consultants.


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