Location: Çankırı / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: 2.000 TL

Our department was established in 2015 to provide education at the undergraduate level. Our department, which graduates with the title of “Textile and Fashion Designer” and cares about providing university-industry cooperation in education; Knowing traditional values ​​and blending tradition with contemporary values, making original designs, following the developments in the world closely, taking care of the needs of society and economy, knowing teamwork, having the ability to work at national and international levels, following technological innovations, being competitive, self-confident, productive aims to train innovative designers.

Students; During their education, they develop their knowledge and skills related to textile, weaving, surface decoration, clothing accessories, clothing design and production, while learning to reach and reinterpret information and work in a solution-oriented manner. During the training process, they prepare for the future by doing internships in relevant enterprises in the market.

Graduate students;

In design workshops,
In fashion agencies,
In fashion houses,
Workshops producing clothing accessories,
In textile and weaving workshops,
In the design, P&D and R&D departments of the factories,
They will be able to find employment opportunities in their own workplaces with individual initiative


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