Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 7.500 / Discounted Fee: USD 3.750

Aim of the Department
Assessing the mental, language, motor, social, emotional development and self-care skills of children 0-18 years of age who are normally developing, with special needs, in need of protection and under risk, and providing services to children, families, educators and society in supporting all development and skill areas To raise a Child Developmentalist.

Target of the Department
Knowing the importance of healthy development and education of children and young people who will shape the future of the country,
Able to use advanced theoretical and applied knowledge / skills in the field of Child Development in the fields of care and education,
Being aware of professional responsibilities and adhering to ethical values,
Being able to follow scientific researches in the field of Child Development, health and education, technology and policies that direct the health and education of the child,
Able to identify problems in the field of Child Development and support solution generation,
Open to innovative thoughts, conscious of values, attentive, creative and critical thinking skills,
Can improve himself / herself in the professional field by adopting lifelong learning,
Can communicate effectively in written and verbal,
Being sensitive to social events and taking individual responsibility,
Able to take an efficient and effective role in the education and health team,
To raise Child Developers who respect differences and human rights.
Career Opportunities
Child Development department graduates;
Making evaluations regarding the development of child development services in the Ministry of Health (Hospitals, Public Health, Community Health, Family Health, Healthy Life Centers etc.); To work in cooperation with the relevant person and branch in order to produce plans, programs and projects and to implement them, and to create opportunities for internal and external cooperation,
In the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services (General Directorate of Child Services, Children’s Houses, Family Counseling Centers, etc.), a child developer is responsible for determining the development levels of children living in the service area and monitoring their development. Carries out professional studies for the solution of problems; Prepares and applies programs for children in the center using professional techniques and methods, and prepares the necessary material; Child Developers who will work in children’s homes are responsible for conducting professional work related to the care and upbringing required for the adaptation of the child admitted to the children’s home by the coordination center. They prepare and implement educational programs related to the physical, mental, emotional and social development of each child in line with their age, disability, interests and needs. Child Development Specialists and Child Development Specialists, provided that they complete the family counseling training program in accordance with the standards set by universities, professional associations or chambers, non-governmental or public institutions,
In the Ministry of National Education (Special Education Institutions and Guidance and Research Centers, private kindergartens, kindergartens, kindergartens, etc.),
As academic staff in associate degree, undergraduate and graduate education positions at universities,
Children and Youth Centers,
Public Education Centers,
General Directorate of Security (Children’s branch office / office chief etc.),
They can work as project producer, coordinator and consultant in UNICEF, ILO and voluntary organizations (NGOs).
They can find the opportunity to work as consultants in children’s magazines, theaters and toy making.


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