Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 8500

The disciplines of cartoon and animation become popular mediums consumed by large masses both in commercial and artistic terms, within mobile platforms, Internet technologies, advertising, entertainment and education. In Turkey, these disciplines are currently on their way to become proper industries, just like the education and cinema sectors. Both state television and foreign media organizations in our country now demand domestic productions from the Turkish market. Educational institutions, as well, are demanding animated films specially prepared for children and adults. Cartoon and animation have also grown to offer creative venues for advertising. Meeting the sector’s need for qualified human resources in order to achieve expected growth and acceleration will only be possible with the establishment of a number of infrastructures and a well-structured education. Students will meet infrastructure courses during the first year and take their first steps towards specialization in their second year by selecting one of the animation film or visual effect tracks depending on their interests. Students will cross paths again in the project courses, which will turn into film productions, realized together with the teaching staff. Local and foreign internships will be made through the BAU’s network to enhance students’ market experience.

With its interdisciplinary approach and having artists, designers and cutting-edge technologies under its umbrella, The Cartoon and Animation Department, supports CGI (computer-generated imagery) and animated projects produced by VR Lab (Virtual Reality Laboratory) operating within the Faculty of Communication as well as providing animation, visual effects, storytelling and character design support and cooperation for projects under undergraduate and graduate programs of Game Design, Cinema and Television, Photography and Video, and Communication Design Departments.

Located at the heart of Istanbul, a vibrant, creative hub, our students and graduates will benefit from our increasingly diverging academic links and our wide network of domestic and foreign industries. Knowledgeable, productive, enthusiastic, and open-minded human resource that cinema, television, advertising, Internet, game, mobile technologies need will be responded to by this program with the following tasks:

Cartoon & Animation Producer, Director, Screenwriter
Character Designer
Concept Designer


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