Location: Şanlıurfa
/ Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: / TÖMER Fee:

The Tourist Guidance department is to provide the necessary academic and operational information in the field and to train professionals who are competent to work in all areas of the tourism sector. In line with this purpose, he has a good command of foreign languages, knows the geography of the country in the best way, can establish good human relations, can think analytically, has advanced problem solving, management and organizational knowledge and skills, has basic social values ​​such as tolerance, courtesy, respect, honesty, leadership and It is aimed to train qualified manager candidates who are capable of representation.
2) Goals
Tourist Guiding section, where Turkey and the needs of the world tourism industry; Having all the theoretical knowledge required in the field of tourism, having strict sectoral experience, having a command of at least two foreign languages ​​(very good), able to use computer technologies, have the ability to decide and apply, closely follow the latest developments in world tourism, have expertise in human relations What is needed is to train qualified manpower, whose vision is wide and open to continuous improvement. Throughout their education, students comprehend the basic principles of the field of tourism guidance and the importance of contemporary technologies related to their profession, the importance of individual or group research, development and execution issues, and their legal responsibility as a tourism guide. Knows the importance of following the legislation related to the profession and recognizes the documents used in commercial life. Knows the importance of professional ethics in business life, and also knows and applies computer package programs related to the field, processes, techniques and principles in food production and consumption processes. Using a computer, he / she can correspond, store and use stored information about his / her field. It is aimed to gain practical skills in office layout and personnel management and to be able to use communication devices related to the field.t.


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