Location: Şanlıurfa
/ Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: / TÖMER Fee:

The Land Division has been operating since 1990. Education is carried out at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. The aim of the undergraduate and graduate program in the department is to equip students with knowledge and skills ranging from simple to the most complex. In the section; soil formation and classification, salty and alkaline soils, plant nutrition, fertilizers and fertilization, soil fertility, organic agriculture, fertilization in soilless culture, soil chemistry, soil survey and mapping, land use planning, land consolidation, soil physics, soil – water conservation and Studies are carried out in soil biology branches.
Regarding these, determination of the nutritional status of various cultivated plants, determination of salty and alkaline soils in the region and their characteristics, determination of nutrient deficiencies with plant and soil analysis and fertilization, environmental pollution and protection of agricultural areas, determination and mapping of different soil groups in the GAP region, satellite data Researches are carried out on the classification of soils and product estimates.
Section 3 Professor, 3 Associate Professor, 5 Assist. Associate Professor and 2 Res. It has a staff member and 1 secretary. 6 doctorate and 9 master students study in the department.
If students want to get more information about their departments and programs, they can do so easily by using one of the following communication ways:
by internet, http://www.harran.edu.tr/academic/faculty/soil science, or
By post, Harran University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil, Osmanbey Campus, 63100, Şanlıurfa,


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