Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: 4.000 USD

With the effect of the globalization process, the number of anti-democratic political regimes and closed economic systems are decreasing gradually, and the communication and transportation opportunities and means are developing at an unprecedented level in the world. Contrary to popular belief, this process, called globalization, is not only in the field of economic activities but also in politics, culture and art. Distances are getting shorter. Everyone and everywhere are easily accessible. Local standards evolve and gain international dimensions. Cultures interact deeply, crossbred and scale up. A product, a cultural work or an idea that can appear anywhere in the world can quickly reach other places. Companies are now making economic plans not only for their domestic markets but also for the whole world. Problems in domestic policy, especially about human rights, can turn into world issues immediately. This attracts the attention of other states and international organizations, can be a cause for concern and intervention or excuse. The phenomenon of globalization also adds new elements and dimensions to the activities of non-governmental organizations. International non-governmental organizations that do not use public authority but have great reputation and cross-border manpower support can be effective in competing with states in many areas ranging from human rights violations to environmental problems. In short, while the world is getting more and more integrated in every aspect in every period of our life, on the other hand, the phenomenon of localization can challenge this spread.

Haliç University Political Science and International Relations Department aims to raise graduates with the vision and quality required to answer the questions and problems raised by globalization, but also to benefit from the opportunities and potentiality, with its rich and competent faculty staff at the campus on the Golden Horn coast. It carries out a training aimed at reaching the global, not limited to the local, and providing a perspective based on multi-dimensional analysis and equipping it with the knowledge of politics, political thought, law, economy, culture, history and language. In this context, by getting benefit from the opportunities and advantages of Istanbul which is a world city and Turkey’s economical, commercial and cultural capital, our department continues its way as ambitious and pioneer.

Our department located in the heart of Istanbul offers the opportunity to study in one of the most modern campuses in Turkey. The faculty members are exceptional and loyal to their job, are delighted to deal with their students, strive to convey information and manners, and are exceptionally wide for private schools.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our department work in the financial sector: bank inspectors, specialists, civil servants; In public: speacilist in ministries, inspection committee membership, civilian authority member, administrative judge; Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Union: in international organizations, various bodies of the United Nations; in univversities and Strategic Research Centers affiliated to or independent from universities; in written and visual media: He works in professions and institutions such as correspondent, page editor and writer in newspapers, magazines and televisions.


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