Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: 4.000 USD

Graphic Design is to plan, design and implement ideas and experiences to create an aesthetic visual and written content.

The graphic product designed to communicate can include photographs, fonts, illustrations, geometric shapes, textures, three-dimensional elements, videos, animations, or digital elements. Graphic products have a wide scale, ranging from a postage stamp design to a digital communication experience design. It can also be for any commercial, educational, cultural or political purpose.

Graphic design aims to create a visual product that combines images, words and ideas. This process is nurtured by technology, art, culture and science.
A graphic designer is responsible for organizing and using items of different media types. A good graphic product can only produce a visionary, knowledgeable, sensitive and curious designer.

Haliç University Graphic Design Department has an academic staff that has come together to instill this awareness and make it a lifestyle, not just a profession. The department, which is quite ambitious with its technology infrastructure, laboratory and workshop facilities, is always in use for the student to grow up ready to meet all the technological needs that he will encounter in the industry after graduation.

Students who have been adapted to the department with courses such as Geschtalt Psychology theories, color theory, pattern, basic writing knowledge, basic animation, art history and computer-based graphic design within the formation designed under the roof of the first year, in the following years, they can go to branch in one or more fields by making use of elective course pools according to the fields they want to specialize.

Our students can take elective courses such as illustration, animation, typography, photography, digital media designs after they gain advanced abilities in creative thinking development, brief and debrief, and 360 degree graphics in product, service or social responsibility areas with their project courses they have been carrying out for 4 years. They will experience a creative process in which they will create solutions in company with their advisor. Students with compulsory internship training will gain sectoral experience and will come to the graduation stage.

Students who want to pursue an academic career and continue their education can apply to our Graphic Design and Non-Thesis Master Program after completing their undergraduate education.

Graduates, global or local conventional advertising agencies, branding agencies, digital advertising agencies, new media advertising, social media design, social media management, animation studios, cartoon studios, marketing, production, post production, communication or publishing they can get a job. They can find work as art director, web designer, digital art director, social media designer, social media expert, animation designer, character designer, visual effects designer, motion graphic designer, storyboard artist, visual director or illustrator.


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