Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: 4.000 USD

Our department aims to educate designers who can adapt to the sector for textile and fashion design, have a universal academic infrastructure, have developed their own unique line in design and master the technology of the field.

In our department, we work in cooperation with the leading Textile and Fashion non-governmental organizations of our country in order to enable our students who are trained as future designers to adapt easily to the sector after graduation. For this purpose, projects created with the support of leading companies in the sector are carried out within the framework of University-Industry cooperation. In this way, our students are prepared for business world after graduation and would be adapted there more easily. In addition, our students are offered internships and job opportunities in the leading companies of our country within the framework of our training protocols in the sector.

The undergraduate curriculum of our department consists of lessons aimed at increasing our students’ art, design, aesthetic knowledge and intellectual knowledge, and practical lessons where they can develop their own projects. Our workshops are supported by the newest technologies (computer laboratories, design programs, 3D design technologies) developing in the field and offer up-to-date hardware that makes a difference. These equipment supports our students in order to develop skills that are accepted in our profession country and in the world.

Our students are able to choose a number of different elective courses such as fashion, image, design and brand subjects from which they can direct their talents from the second year onwards. In addition, they can find the opportunity to take courses outside their field at their own request.

Our program, which adopts student centred learning, aims to increase learning by experience as much as possible. In this respect, our Erasmus agreements, which are increasing in number, offers qualified and active international education experience to our students.
Increasing the international sharing in the department over the years is of uttermost importance for our students to develop a universal design awareness.
In the final year, students present their projects covering all the stages necessary to demonstrate their own design skills and application techniques, a unique perspective, express them through innovative presentations and create a contemporary brand for the industry.

Final year courses, to ensure this; is designed with lessons focused on brand design for the sector, presentation and project development. In addition to receiving support from an experienced academic staff, our students keep together many times with fashion designers, brand managers and leading industrialists in the field in lessons or an open communication environment until they enter the finishing process. In this way, our students have the opportunity to present their projects and work with them.

With all these support and equipment, our students take safe steps as designers who accurately express themselves to the Textile and Fashion industry, know the needs of the industry, and provide competitive advantage. Our graduate students can improve their academic careers by continuing their master’s degree with thesis or master’s degree without thesis and proficiency in Art programs


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