Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site /Tuition Fee: USD 5.200 / Discounted Fee: USD 2.600

The aviation sector is an emerging sector with increasing capacity due to global technological advances, increasing number of passengers and the growth of the international market.

Beykoz University Aviation Management Bachelor Programme provides high quality education to young people who want to take part in this field and train them into professionals equipped with the necessary business and management skills that this ever growing industry requires.

Programme aims to provide experts and managers for the aviation sector who are able to keep up with the rapid developments in the sector and be able to contribute to the aviation management field scientifically and academically.

Students who graduate from the Aviation Management Programme will receive a Bachelor Degree and be awarded the title Aviation Manager and / or Aviation Management Specialist.

The Aviation Management Graduates; will have theoretical and practical knowledge about aviation management as well as theoretical and practical knowledge about business management.

They will able to produce solutions to problems related to aviation management by using analytical methods and modern information technologies, and be able to apply basic and theoretical knowledge required by business and trade related to aviation management.

The graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skill and ability to succeed in the rapidly developing aviation sector.


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