Location: Istanbul / Level: Associate / Duration: 2 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 4.000 / Discounted Fee: USD 2.000

The Optician program trains personnel working in the Ophthalmological field as Opticians. This program prepares technical staff to work as Opticians with the ability to use the English language. Students are taught the basic knowledge of opticians, including the functioning and application of the systems related optician. Students are also trained to use optician package programs, to understand the eye and human anatomy, to plan the functioning and management of a company, to recognize and use optic tools, to choose and mount frames and lens according to specific data, to manage cost accounts and work plans, to market products, to possess general public health information, to think and act like an entrepreneur, to adopt the philosophy of total quality and be able to support institutional processes, related to the profession of environmental, social and ethical issues and responsibilities related to the knowledge, health and safety measures associated with the profession. The language of instruction is Turkish.

The content of Education:
In order to provide students of optician program with the necessary professional information and skills, creative qualities, successful team workers, self-renew, ability to use efficiently written-oral communication information in problem solving, in addition to basic courses students are taught such courses as Preschool Child Development, Anatomical Physiology of the Eye, Physical Geometrical Optics 1 and 2, Business, on Opticianry 1-2 and 3, Using optical instruments, Visual Optics and Refraction 1 and 2, Ophthalmology 1 and 2, Graduation Project, Practical Training 1 and 2.

Graduate students will gain a title of optician after implementing job-training, practice and internships within the framework of the principles and procedures determined by the Board of Higher Education.


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