Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: English / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 8.500  (Unavailable)

The Department of American Culture and Literature was established in 2006 and has a foundation for literary and cultural programs but also offers courses in western literature, culture, art, history etc. that focus on the formation and development of tradition. The study of American culture and literature exposes students to different literatures and cultures while developing critical thinking skills and aims to provide insight.

The program is made up of a range of various areas such as literature, history, mythology, and theater. Also within this curriculum, students are offered the basic rules necessary for translation. The diversity of the program “is a versatile general cultural development in various fields,” which is targeted at Bahcesehir University’s general educational philosophy.

Students who graduate from our American Culture and Literature Department will acquire advanced English knowledge and general culture awareness. Students who complete pedagogical formation courses will be able to teach in secondary education institutions and be considered “English subject teachers” in private colleges and Anatolian High Schools that offer foreign language education. Students will also have the opportunity to work in various public institutions and in private institutions (ministries, the media, banking, advertising, tourism, public relations) and international organizations.

Successful students will have the opportunity to complete their Master’s degree at an American university that has a connection with Bahcesehir University. As part of their training period students, within the framework of the mutual exchange agreements in elite universities in the United States, will be able to complete one semester of their education abroad. In addition, Turkey’s Fulbright office and with the sponsorship of the U.S. Embassy 1st and 2nd year students will have the option to attend “young leadership” summer schools in the United States.


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