Location: Istanbul / Level: Bachelor / Duration: 4 Years / Language of Instruction: Turkish / Mode of Study: Full Time, On-Site / Tuition Fee: USD 7.000 / Discounted Fee: USD 3.500

As the Department of Advertising, our main aim in education is to raise individuals who are qualified in their fields in order to meet the workforce needs of the advertising sector, which has developed and continues to develop in the first quarter of the 21st century in the global and national area, to add modern awareness to our students, is to progress in our field by contributing to our academic values.

In line with the educational purpose of our department, we act with the aim of educating students who are equipped with our theoretical and applied lessons, who can have a voice in the design and communication of national and international dimensions. In line with our goal, in addition to the compulsory courses in our department, we also include elective courses that increase the equipment of our students. In addition, we strengthen our students’ knowledge infrastructure by providing training in other areas related to the field of our department.

Today, advertisements occupy an important place in both traditional and alternative media channels, and the need for employees to be employed in such an important area appears. For this purpose, it was decided to open our Department of Advertising at our university; It is aimed to train students who are equipped to provide the said employment and to move the sector further. Our department students; will be able to design creative ads and have the necessary knowledge in this design process, will be able to create advertisement text, advertisement images and advertisement films, and successfully implement communication in advertising. Our students will specialize in advertising and communication with the meeting of theory and practice.

Target of the Department
The Department of Advertising is a department that collaborates with various fields of social sciences as well as the communication field and is fed from many disciplines. With the developing communication technologies, the application of advertisement design and advertisement communication activities by everyone caused questioning the quality in this field. In order to carry out practical activities, there are deficiencies in the knowledge and experience in the field. Our department; Under the umbrella of the academy, it will provide training in both practical and theoretical lessons and bring the experts in the field to the advertising and communication sectors.

In our department where a learning where theory and practice meets, various specialization areas such as graphic design, cinema and communication sciences are also used. The Department of Advertising was established in order to train personnel to meet the needs in the current advertising and communication sectors. Our professional academic staff carries out a four-year undergraduate education with a curriculum that responds to our students’ interests, abilities and goals. Our department aims to teach what advertising, which has an important position in today’s world, is what advertising is, what it does and how it is done.

Career Opportunities
Our graduates as Department of Advertising; they have the opportunity to work in public and private sectors.

They can continue their careers at the academy as well.

They can work in advertising units in traditional advertising media such as newspapers, radio, television, magazines or in media that is a result of new media such as internet and social network.

In creative departments in advertising agencies; They can take part in job positions such as creative department manager, copywriter, advertisement designer.

There are opportunities to work in other business units in the field of communication.

Departments Allowing Horizontal Transfer
Students of the Department of Advertising can transfer to the following departments within the Faculty of Communication and the School of Applied Sciences:

Within the Faculty of Communication: “Advertising Design and Communication”, “Communication Design”, “Public Relations and Advertising”, “Advertising”, “Radio Television and Cinema”, “Television-Cinema”, “Journalism”, “Communication Sciences”, ” Visual Communication Design ”and“ New Media ”.

Within the School of Applied Sciences: “Public Relations and Publicity”, “Radio-Television” and “Advertising”.


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