About the Dormitory

Our aim is to see university education as the personal development process of individuals; to be the leading institution that delivers dormitory service to multi-dimensional service delivery and continuously improves it.

Enis ÇEBİ Dormitories firstly embarked on the university-profession process of their dreams in a dormitory concept, apart from the way we got used to our esteemed students who were educated at our neighboring universities in the 2012-2013 academic year; has started to serve with the aim of living the family warmth in a dormitory environment with the comfort of a hotel.

Our founders have been very effective in facilitating this process that our students spend away from their families and environment, by transferring their experience of studying outside the city to our process.

It has been our primary wish for us to feel this feeling, that our students have gained their professional identity, lived in a family-friendly dormitory environment when they looked back and saw us as a positive part of those years.

We consider all our students who joined us in this process as valuable members of the E.Ç. family, and we are proud of our growing family every year.

We would like to thank all our students and their families who have made us proud that we are the first and only dormitory that provides full quota service every year since the year we were put into service.

We wish all our fellow students to have an auspicious and peaceful education and life process from the beginning to the end of their university life.

Room Types & Prices

Single with Terrace
$ 4400 10 Months

Single Suite

$ 4300 10 Months

Single Bed Base

$ 4200 10 Months

Double Room with Terrace

$ 3000 10 Months
Double Suite Room
$ 3600 10 Months

Double Bed Base

$ 2900 10 Months

Bunk Bed for Two

$ 2700 10 Months

Triple Room with Terrace

$ 2650 10 Months
Triple Suite Room
$ 3300 10 Months

Triple Base

$ 2250 10 Months

Triple Bunk Bed

$ 2450 10 Months

Quadruple Room with Terrace

$ 2300 10 Months
Quadruple Base
$ 2200 10 Months

Four Person Bunk Bed

$ 2050 10 Months

Five Person Base

$ 2150 10 Months

Five-Person Bunk Bed

$ 2000 10 Months


Üniversite Mh. Mareşal Cd. No:60 Parseller – Avcılar / İstanbul

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