In the higher education system of Turkey, universities are defined as secondary education-based educational institutions with scientific autonomy and public legal personality, consisting of faculties, institutes, colleges, vocational colleges and similar units and departments that conduct high-level education, training, scientific research and publication.

The international equivalents of the levels in the Turkish higher education system are Associate Degree Level 5, Undergraduate Level 6, Master’s Level 7 and Doctorate Level 8.

Duration of programmes are 2 years in Associate Degree, 4 Years in Bachelor, 2 Years in Master’s and 4 years in Doctorate. Unlike European and western countries, education at the Associate Degree level is given within universities as a higher education program in Turkey. As in the USA higher education system, it is possible for graduates with an associate degree to complete their undergraduate studies at the same or different universities. This situation creates a serious cost advantage for international students who will have financial difficulties.

In addition to these, it is possible for an international student with an associate degree to continue the next part of his education by working.

Open education, which is a form of education in which students do not have to physically attend classes in Turkey, can also be counted as a separate form of education. This education, which is offered in the form of distance education, has recently become more widespread with the increase in computer and internet access.